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GPU Cryptocurrency Mining with Nvidia Graphics Cards

Nvidia graphics cards are the more versatile and easier-to-work-with choice when it comes to GPUs for mining. The caveat is the cost of Nvidia units compared to AMD cards. The higher cost can also make these cards easier to find when shopping as the lower-priced AMD GPUs usually do not spend much time on the shelf unless they are priced far above average.

CryptoScythe v0.3 Nvidia GPU Miner

Mining Trezarcoin

It is time to try out a new algorithm on the Cryptoscythe v0.3. Neoscrypt seems to be utilized by some of the most profitable alt coins at the moment, including this new Proof of Work/Proof of Stake hybrid cryptocurrency that just came out in September, 2017 called Trezarcoin. There is an avid community of traders and miners buzzing about this coin and it regularly holds a high position on's profitability rankings, especially for GTX 1070 GPUs. Find out how to embark on your own Trezarcoin mining and staking adventure on the new Trezarcoin mining page.

Mining HUSH

Having had great results mining Zcash on the Cryptoscythe v0.3, mining HUSH seemed like an easy side-project to try out. Once getting the wallet installed and sync'd, getting started was as simple as editing a copy of the same batch file I use to fire up EWBF for Zcash mining. HUSH boasts all of the benefits of Zcash and an ambitious future of added features. For more in-depth discussion of my HUSH mining experimentation on my latest multi-GPU Nvidia mining rig, see the new HUSH mining page.

Mining Zcash

Having experimented with Zcash off and on for a few weeks, it only seems right to add a section to the site sharing what I've learned. While Zcash is a cryptocurrency that seems to just be a cryptocurrency, it boasts exceptionally strong security and anonymity features that made it worth looking into. Mining Zcash with EWBF is going well on the CryptoScythe v0.1 so it is about time I shared the results.

Mining Ethereum

It seem like the only algorithm Nvidia GPUs do not outperform ATI cards on is Ethash, the algorithm for mining Ethereum. Ethereum is probably the most popular cryptocurrency to mine with graphics cards. GTX 1070s can out-hash AMDs closest competing cards with well tuned under-clock settings, but a BIOS-hacked RX 580 is only a half-step behind. GTX 1080s though, as counterintuitive as it is since it is a generally more powerful card, are horrible at hashing Ethash. Visit the Nvidia Ethereum Mining page to follow how the six GTX 1070's in the CryptoScythe v0.1 perform and the insights gained along the way.

Mining LBRY

LBRY is promising to decentralize digital content delivery and production. This is an interesting and appealing idea which drew my attention early in this endeavor. You can see how mining for LBRY is done and find out how to get involved in the LBRY project yourself on the LBRY Mining page.

Mining Siacoin

Siacoin mining was the first cryptocurrency I began mining. I was drawn to Sia by the digital p2p storage platform that the coin is integrated with. This cryptocurrency has lost a lot of value and interest as its parent company, Nebulous Labs, released news of an impending ASIC-based system developed specifically to mine Siacoin. You can see my past adventures and learn how the CryptoScythe v0.1 managed the Sia mining workload and how to mine Siacoin yourself.