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Mining LBRY credits at CryptoScythe

The Miners

One of the most popular means of mining LBRY is dual mining with Ethereum as the primary coin and LBRY as the secondary coin with Claymore Dual Miner. You can find the latest releases for Claymore for Windows and Linux on Nanopool's Github. You will need to either adjust the config file and edit a batch file to point to it, or just edit all of your start-up settings in the batch file. Configuring for dual mining will minimally require entering your mining pool and wallet addresses and any credentials needed for both pools, the Ethereum pool and the LBRY pool. You should also edit the alternative pools files to use the appropriate secondary servers for both pools. My experience has been that dual mining is slightly more profitable than mining just Ethereum with Claymore. With the 6 GTX 1070s in the CryptoScythe v0.1, dual mining sacrifices a small amount of Ethereum hashrate, about 20% the hashing power of one card, in exchange for a small amount of LBRY hashing power, equivalent to 50% of one card's hashing speed mining LBRY alone. That is roughly equivalent to strapping an extra third of a card onto the existing rig, or roughly a 5% increase. There is a caveat though, as the DevFee rate goes from 1% to 2% when dual mining, knocking the bonus down to about 4% for dual mining. I have read some claims that there is an increase in rejected shares caused by Claymore switching back and forth between algorithms but I have not had a chance to do the math necessary to find out if this rejection rate increase is significant, or even a reality.

Currently CryptoScythe mines just LBRY credits with ccminer on Suprnova. A change was made because is closing its LBRY mining pool. I have an updated trimmed-down .7z package for both x64 and x86 systems below which still utilize ccMiner for Nvidia GPUs:



Once extracted, the .cmd file called "RUN-LBC-Suprnova" will start the miner on Suprnova's LBRY pool set to the appropriate port and algorithm for LBRY. Just edit the .cmd file with notepad to insert your Suprnova account and worker name, and you should be ready to start mining. You will need to register with Suprnova and set up your account including naming your miner(s) and configuring your account with your LBRY credit wallet.

LBRY Wallet Address

Get signed up for early access so you can generate your own wallet and test out the LBRY API. Visit for details and to sign up for early access. You can also download the latest stable release of the LBRY App from this page on Github. You will have to scroll down to find the latest release and prerelease versions of the app. After installing and running the LBRY App, you will be prompted to enter your email address to verify your early access. An email will be promptly sent to the address entered with your access code. You may now enter the app, browse a little content, and most importantly, get your LBRY Wallet Address. As LBRY is just getting started, the blockchain is not enormous and the app synchronizes fairly quickly.

LBRY app synchronizing blockchain
The LBRY App should not take more than a few minutes to sync given the currently small blockchain size.

Wallet Address

Once you have derped around long enough looking at what is currently available for downloading and streaming, look for the logo that looks like ancient Greek architecture (think Parthenon) in the upper right corner of the App window. If you are just getting started, there will also be a zero next to it representing how many LBRY credits are currently verified as being in your wallet. It is time to do something about that! Click that logo and get your LBRY Wallet address.
browsing the LBRY app
Highlighted in the above image, you will see the little pillared building logo toward the top right of your LBRY App window.

Clicking on the pillared building logo will open the wallet menu with options being "OVERVIEW", "SEND", "RECEIVE" and "REWARDS". Click "RECEIVE" to get your wallet address.

lbry wallet address
Highlighted in the above image is the "RECEIVE" button which grants you your LBRY wallet address.
    Update July 29, 2017

I got a chance to finish the 6-GPU mining rig and do some benchmarking with CCminer in the Suprnova LBRY pool. It was steadily pulling over 1670 Mh/s. Below is a short video sample of the hashrates for each card ticking by between each share.

LBRY mining with 6 gtx 1070 gpus

COMING SOON: Backing up your LBRY wallet...